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For Sustainable travelers

Guided tours with local guides

Nature, sport, adventure

100% sustainable tours

We favour "slow" activities such as trekking, biking, kayaking, canyoning or sailing to facilitate a direct connection with the environment.

A slow but intense experience to awaken your senses and live in harmony and respect with earth, water and wind.

If you care about nature, choose Sardeo!

Experiential tours

Be Sardinian for one day

We've created a page related to these experiences and we've called it "Sardinians for a Day".

You will have the opportunity to join several workshops and watch and learn about the preparation of traditional products like Carasau bread, cheese or even colourful Sardinian rugs.


Sardinia for families

Have fun with your kids

Traveling with children has never been so easy.
Activities and excursions for all types of family: sporty adventure, curious, greedy or lover of relaxation and nature.
And you? What kind of family are you?

Discover the dedicated offers for families

Travelling ideas

Adventure, nature and culture

Discover the best localities through our activities related to nature, sport and tradition.

Bachelor and Hen Party

Let's party?

 Surprise the future bride or future groom and offer an unforgettable experience in Sardinia!

Shore Day-tours

One day to have fun!

 Discover all the excursions and activities you can do in a day near the docking port.



It's a magical holiday atmosphere with lively music and merriness!

55€ Per person - free of charge for kids under 8 y.o.


Come live an exclusive experience with us.

Discover the cult of Sant'Efisio. It will fascinate you with its enchanting aura and magical atmosphere.

Among myth, legend and reality we retrace the history of this extraordinary saint venerated in all Sardinia.

  • We will visit the church of 1100 dedicated to Sant'Efisio located in the picturesque bay of Nora.
  • We will be hosted in a charming Campidanese court and take part in the adornment of "Sa Tracca"; a wooden cart that parades with the family in the procession in honour of the holy warrior on May 1st in Cagliari and on May 2nd in Nora.We will also witness the display of the traditional.
  • We will witness the display of the traditional Sardinian dress with its filigree jewellery.
  • We will have the opportunity to test our cake baking skills with Sardinian traditional recipes and accompanied by the song of muttetus (Sardinian for songs), we will indulge in tasting sessions.

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Sardeo has been the first platform in Sardinia to introduce an online booking system to allow online reservation of activities. From your laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can organize your holidays in a few clicks with all the freedom and flexibility you need.

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