Northern Sardinia

Rio Pitrisconi - San Teodoro

Canyoning Sardinia Rio Pitrisconi San Teodoro

65€ per person

The Riu Pitrisconi is one of those places where you fall in love at first sight and forever.

A real natural water park with lots of dips, toboggan slides and pools of clear water, nestled between the granites of the lower Gallura, in the municipality of San Teodoro (OT).

A wonderful stream with perennial flow that hides almost unpolluted nature of rare beauty.

A number of sets in rope that make the visit more daring and the cocktail of emotions is serviced and will remain in your memory for life. The progression in the canyon does not present any major difficulties but it is understood that you have to have a sufficient swimming ability. The measure fell more than 22 meters high.

Villacidro - Southwest of Sardinia

Rio Zairi

70€ per person

Canyoning Rio Zairi Villacidro

Rio Zairi is located in the lower part of a stream that borns at the top of Mount Linas, one of the highest mountains in Sardinia.

It is an easy canyon, ideal for those who want to discover the fantastic world of Canyoning. A perfect place for beginners, even the smallest.

Sa Spendula

75€ per person

Canyoning Sa Spendula - Villacidro


A pearl of granite in the Middle of Campidano (South Sardinia). 

Although short, the route of Rio (river) Coxinas offers many jumps, slides and wonderful downhill, ending with the famous water falls His Spendula.

Piscina Irgas

75€ per person

Canyoning Piscinas Irgas - Villacidro

A long hike along a steep path leads us on the bed of the Rio Oridda which offers a series of super fun stunts. The impressive waterfall "Irgas" with its 40 meter height, dominates the valley granite.

The wild Supramonte - Dry Canyons

Rio Flumineddu

80€ per person

Canyoning Flumineddu - Gorropu

One of the deepest canyons in Europe is formed by the river Flumineddu more known as Gorroppu. 

The "express" version gives us the opportunity to enjoy the most interesting and fun part of this canyon in the Supramponte region.

An exciting journey that will give you an unforgettable adrenaline. 

Do not miss!

Codula Orbisi

90€ per person

Canyoning Codula Orbisi

A spectacular trip into one of the most famous canyons carved into the limestone of Supramonte.

Hidden pools, some descents into the void, a passage in a cave, to finally arrive in magnfique "balcony" on the grooves Gorroppu.

Codula Fiuli

75€ per person

Canyoning Piscinas Irgas - Villacidro

Easy and adventurous at the same time in a wild and unspoiled environment.

In some places you can touch both walls of the canyon! 

The final section offers numerous climbing and an idyllic beach, Cala Fuili.


Other Canyons on request

Riu Arredaulu

Gennargentu - Aritzo 

Riu Arredauli - Canyoning Aritzo

Bau Alase

Gennargentu - Aritzo

Bau Alase -  Canyoning Gennargentu

Riu e Forru


Riu 'e Forru - Canyoning Ogliastra



Sothai - Canyoning Villagrande Strisaili

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