The most original hikings of Sardinia

Only for original travelers

100% local guides and 100% sustainable trips

Water paths

From 45€ per person

Supramonte - Centre Sardinia

Piscina Irgas

From 45€ per person

Villacidro - South West Sardinia

The flight of Griffins

From 45€ per person

Bosa- Centre west Sardinia

Asinara Safari Tour

From 40€ per person

Asinara Island - North west Sardinia

Monte Novo S. Giovanni

From 45€ per person

Supramonte of Orgosolo

Sa Stiddiosa

From 35€ per person

Supramonte of Seulo

The shepherds' refuges

From 40€ per person


Hiking with donkeys

à partir de 45€ par personne

Supramonte of Dorgali

Monte Sant Antonio

From 45€ per person

Bosa and Macomer

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Sardinia for familes


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