Discover with us the best spots of Sardinia, the most authentic island of the Mediterranen


We have selected for you 3 travel proposals that will allow you to discover Sardinia step by step through a wide choice of excursions, activities and experiences.

1 - From Cagliari towards the south west

Cagliari is in a central position compared to the south of Sardinia and is an excellent starting point to discover the island to the east or west.

If you have time, do not hesitate to spend a day in the capital, you will be surprised!


A living city from a cultural, archaeological and rich in natural places like the Devil's Saddle, symbol of the city.

From Pula to Cape Teulada

Just 30 minutes from Cagliari, we find the lively town of Pula, famous for the archaeological site of Nora and the beaches of Santa Margherita.

Continuing south, you can admire the coast of Chia to Teulada through a series of turns with a wonderful view of the south coast of Sardinia.
Not only beaches and blue sea, but also many beautiful mountains and forests ideal for those who love hiking and biking.

The south west and the islands

We leave the south coast behind us and continue our trip to the southwest.

Before reaching the coast of the mines, we advise you to make a small stop on the island of Sant 'Antioco and San Pietro to discover their fishing villages like Carloforte.
A series of panoramic turns take us to Nebida and Masua, where the wild southwest begins.
A geologically interesting coastline, abandoned mining villages, old mines and mountains with scenic trails just waiting to be explored.

2 - From the south west towards Oristano, Bosa and Alghero

The Peninsula of Sinis and Bosa

We are in the center-west of Sardinia, in a region still little known of mass tourism.

Cradle of the ancient and glorious Nuragic civilization, this region has unearthed important archaeological discoveries such as the famous Giants of Monti Prama, the very first form of statuary art of all the Mediterranean.
Continuing north, we find Bosa, with its medieval castle, colorful neighborhoods and the Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia.

Bosa and Oristano are in a very central position. This is an ideal starting point to go either towards Alghero and the northwest, or towards Cagliari and the south and even towards  the wild east side.

Alghero and the north west of Sardinia

Alghero, called by its inhabitants Alguer, is the famous Sardinian city of north-west of Sardinia.
Dolphin watching, catamaran sailing, visits to archaeological sites, gastronomic tours and many other unforgettable experiences will make your stay in Alghero authentic and original.

Continuing north, we arrive at Stintino with its beach of postcards, from which we can embark to reach the Asinara National Park (Donkey Island)

From Cagliari towards the east coast

The south east and the Ogliastra

The southeast of the island is famous especially for the tourist center of Villasimius, with its marina, its protected marine park, its paradisiac beaches and the islands of Serpentara e dei Cavoli. This part of the island offers many opportunities for sea and mountain day tours.
Going up on the east coast, we arrive in the region called Ogliastra. Seaside destination par excellence, it is a region also known for its cliffs (Tacchi Ogliastra) that characterize the landscape and attract climbers from around the world.

The wild east coast

We are in the heart of Sardinia where time seems to have stopped.
Ancestral traditions, wild landscapes and extraordinary people will be the common thread that will accompany you throughout your stay.
Around us, a generous and wild nature: ancient forests, mountains, flora and fauna endemic.
With these features, the area offers many hikes from a hiking and experience perspective.

The Costa Smeralda and the north east

Not only jet set, but a generous and paradisiac nature, Mediterranean scrub, granite coasts smoothed by the wind, a sea with a thousand shades of blue, canyons, Nuraghes, dolmens, sacred wells and tombs of giants.

From the Emerald Coast to Mount Limbara, from Santa Teresa to Palau and La Maddalena ..
Discover with us the activities and excursions available in northern Sardinia.

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