Experience Sardinia: culture and traditions

And if you become Sardinian for a day? Enjoy with us in the traditional crafts of yesterday.

Since ancient times the island has been populated by several cultures. The most relevant and unique was certainly Nuragic.

Everywhere throughout the island we can admire megalithic architecture dating back over 3 millennia ago.

There are about 10,000 Nuraghi (both simple and complex), dozens of sacred wells, hundreds of necropolis (Domus de Janas) and giants' graves.


It's crazy but true; this population can still be found nowadays among Sardinian people. It is expressed in everyday life, traditions, languages, and most likely in their personalities.

We've created a page related to these experiences and we've called it "Sardinians for a Day".

You will have the opportunity to join several workshops and watch and learn about the preparation of traditional products like Carasau bread, cheese or even colourful Sardinian rugs.

A real journey through the past through which you will have the opportunity to participate in                                           the typical artisanal and gastronomic activities of the island.

Sardeo...your next experience in Sardinia

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