Experience Sardinia: culture and traditions

And if you become Sardinian for a day? Enjoy with us in the traditional crafts of yesterday.

Ancient crafts

Nuxis - South Sardinia

Salvatore is a man with great manual skills and passion for our tradition and he will drive us back to the past.His House Museum is a fascinating time machine where the Master will show us how our grandparents used to make flour, weave with the loom, make pottery, baskets and much more!

Silk weavers of Orgosolo


There is a family in Orgosolo (the last) that still handles the breeding of silkworms. This precious material is used by the same family for weaving 'Su lionzu "(haiddress of the traditional female costume of Orgosolo).


On the traces of Sant'Efisio


Discover the cult of Sant'Efisio. It will fascinate you with its enchanting aura and magical atmosphere.

Among myth, legend and reality we retrace the history of this extraordinary saint venerated in all Sardinia.

Chiara Vigo & the sea Byssus


One of the oldest cities in the entire Mediterranean Sea, Sant'Antioco, hosts Chiara Vigo, the Sardinian Master of the marine byssus. She will tell us some of the mysteries about the byssus and show us how she transforms it into strings of gold and elastic sea silk, woven later with her loom.

The secrets of Cannonau


We are in Mamoiada, in the very heart of Barbagia. During a nice walk through the vineyards, you will be guided by a wine farmer who will explain the phases of growth and production of the grape, with a particular attention on the features of the Cannonau quality.

How to make fresh pasta


In a typical Campidanese house of historical center of Pula, we will spend a fascinating day looking for the culinary traditions of Sardinia.
The expert hands of two local ladies will show us how to prepare "Culurgiones" according to ancient traditions handed down for generations.

Wine tour

Southern Sardinia

Travelling means also learning through our senses about a land and its people. In Sardinia the wine, it's the king of conviviality together with good cheese and meat.
Our enogastronomic tours are a real experience that satisfy your senses, soul and curiosity.

In the kitchen with granny


A lovely lady from Mamoiada will open her house and her kitchen to learn us how to make the "Maharrones a Poddihe", a typical type of fresh pasta that is prepared by hand.
Once the pasta is done, we will cook it and be ready for the long awaited moment: the tasting!

Craft tour


Mamoiada is famous for its archaic carnival, characterized by its mysterious Mamuthones.
Their wooden masks are made by local artisans using traditional techniques.
We will visit the workshop of one of them, who will show you the different stages of carpentry.

A real journey through the past through which you will have the opportunity to participate in                                           the typical artisanal and gastronomic activities of the island.

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