The most beautiful kayak trips of Sardinia

The ideal activity to visit the Sardinian coastline.

A slow experience, accessible to everyone, even children from 6 years

The Devil's Saddle


The caves of Pinus Village

Santa Margherita di Pula and Chia

Villasimiusm at the sunset

South east of Sardinia

Cardedu - Coccorocci

South of Ogliastra

Santa Maria Navarrese

Supramonte of Baunei

The gulf of Saline

Northest east Sardinia

Kayak and snorkeling

Marine Park of Tavolara

Kayak at the sunset

Marine Park of Tavolara

... and for adventurers we propose a 5-day experience around the Maddalena Archipelago

Welcome to our multi day tour to La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.


Our tour should cover 100 km in 5 days with an average of 20Km/day

You can book from 1 to 5 days, each day starting from our KAYAK BASE CAMP to one different destination of the Archipelago.

This tour has been designed for Kayakers who have good knowledge of sea kayaking, used to paddle 4-5 hours/day. Those who doesn’t know rescue technique can learn them in a lesson before coming to us otherwise can practice with us before the trip.