Cheese experience: du lait au fromage

Entourés des douces collines de Marmilla, devant le site archéologique de Barumini, un laboratoire très intéressant pour apprendre à préparer des pâtes traditionnelles.

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Archeo trekking

Trekking e acqua trekking

Traditions et expériences


  • Small Groups
  • Fauna & Flora respect
  • Plastic Free
  • Local Food
  • Local Guides
  • Discovery of inlands and small villages

Safety Covid-19

  • Distance between participants
  • Outdoor activities
  • No exchange of food/drinks or equipment
  • Wear mask when the distance is not guaranteed
  • Small groups of max 12 people
  • You will have to fill and sign a form in which you declare to be in good health and to have a temperature up of  37 °




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