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11. dicembre 2016
Perhaps because of its sunny coasts and its sapphire blue waters, not all the visitors who come to Sardinia know about the attractions of the interior part. However you should not feel guilty as some of these attractions are not easy to access and they might be out of the typical tourist trail.


  • Small Groups
  • Fauna & Flora respect
  • Plastic Free
  • Local Food
  • Local Guides
  • Discovery of inlands and small villages

Safety Covid-19

  • Distance between participants
  • Outdoor activities
  • No exchange of food/drinks or equipment
  • Wear mask when the distance is not guaranteed
  • Small groups of max 12 people
  • You will have to fill and sign a form in which you declare to be in good health and to have a temperature up of  37 °




Sardeo escursioni ecostostenibili in Sardegna

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