The best Archaeology Tours and Urban Trekking of Sardinia

More than 7000 Nuraghes simple and complex, hundreds of prehistoric necropolises, tombs of giants and sacred wells.

Since ancient times the island has been populated by several cultures. The most relevant and unique was certainly Nuragic. Everywhere throughout the island we can admire megalithic architecture dating back over 3 millennia ago.

Sardinia is the largest open-air museum in the world

S'Incantu: the fairy queen

The secrets of the Sinis

Alghero Archaeo Tour

Cagliari and its 7 hills

The Salt Works of Cagliari

The Sound Stones

Barumini and the Giara

Nora Archaeology tour

Castello walking tour

The Devil's Saddle


  • Small Groups
  • Fauna & Flora respect
  • Plastic Free
  • Local Food
  • Local Guides
  • Discovery of inlands and small villages

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